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Everything You Ought to Know About Immigration Bail Bonds

If a friend or a loved one has been apprehended and detained due to immigration reasons, you ought to get an immigration bond to get the individual from jail until his or her court appearance. Immigration bail bonds are only accessible to detainees if they fulfill specific qualifications that will be going over later. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is the government body that detains and takes into custody foreign nationals. It carries the authority to release the detainee on the basis of personal recognizance, in which paying for a bond will not be necessary. That said, if a bond amount is set, either by ICE or an immigration judge, it is the best time going through your options.

There are two kinds of immigration bail bonds accessible to illegal foreigners in ICE custody, on the condition that they aren’t believed to be a danger to national security or public safety. The first type of immigration bond is the delivery bond. One may be eligible for this particular bond type based on the decision of ICE or an immigration judge. Moreover, to be released on a delivery bond, a detainee should get an arrest warrant and a custom condition notice from the ICE. The role of the delivery bond is to make sure that the detainee will be in appearance in all immigration hearings. It allows the detainee to spend some time with family and seek advice from an immigration attorney leading up to a court hearing. The other kind of immigration bond is the voluntary departure bond. In specific cases, one is given a choice to freely depart from the country at your own expense by the stated time. The departure bond – if fully paid to ICE – is eligible for reimbursement once the alien has departed the country; however, forfeited if he or she doesn’t leave.

So how much can one pay for an immigration bond? Either ICE or an immigration judge will determine the specific bond amount, where the amount will either increase or reduce due to several elements such as the individual’s immigration status, criminal record, employment status and family ties in the United Status. The higher the flight risk, the more significant the bond amount. The standard minimum price for a delivery bond is 1,500 dollars, and the cost can escalate up to ten thousand dollars or more as per the evaluation of the risk factors of the detainee. On the question of departure bonds, the minimum sum usually is five hundred dollars. One critical thing to take into account is that it at times takes a year or longer for the government to repay the bond amount to the individual that posted it. When it comes to avenues on paying for an immigration bond, you can either opt for a surety bond or cash bond.

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